J L Talks About Snyder Texas During The Oil Boom

JL says that before the oil boom, Snyder was pretty much a dead town but after the the oil boom hit you could not find a place to stay. People with a room to rent out would rent it to two people and sometimes even three. The renters would stay there in shifts.

JL went to work at a gas station because at the time he did not think he would like the oil field work… that would later change. He worked for Texaco for about a week when the 66 station offered him a better position. There was so much business, the station was open and working 24 hours a day.

Demand for carpenter work was high. So JL went to work as a carpenter helper. The owner told him to buy a good hammer, saw and apron and he would make him a full-fledged carpenter.

J L Byars 09/02/1916 – 03/23/2008
Doris Grant Byars 08/05/1922 – 10/04/2010
Married 10/25/1941

Original video recorded in Ballinger Texas in November 2006.