Doris Remembers The First Time She Met J L

Doris says that her family moved to Dunn to farm in 1937. (That was the first of her homes with electricity)

J L had a sister and brother-in-law living in Dunn and would come in from Fort Worth to help work their farm. One of the friends was holding a party and both Doris and J L were there. That was the first time she met him.

Doris still recalls what she was wearing – a straight brown skirt, brown v-neck sweater and orange and green blouse. Before the night was over he asked to walk her home. So they walked the quarter mile down the fence row to her house. She was 16 and he was 20.

J L had been going out with another girl from Snyder at the time. So they really did not date right away. The next Fall, J L got another boy named Noy(sp?) to come with him from Fort Worth. He was a Cary Grant type – very handsome. Doris started dating him and J L was dating Virginia. After a few dates, Noy actually asked Doris to marry him. She refused and he was so upset, he returned back to Fort Worth and left J L without a ride.

The next year, J L brought another guy. They all group dated for awhile. Then J L broke up with Virginia and started dating Doris.

J L then went to work for the railroad. His first gift sent to Doris was a really nice dresser set – mirror, brush, comb, etc. The continued to date when he would come back to Dunn.

J L Byars 09/02/1916 – 03/23/2008
Doris Grant Byars 08/05/1922 – 10/04/2010
Married 10/25/1941

Original video recorded in Ballinger Texas in November 2006.