Doris Talks About Colorado City High School And Prom

Doris talks about going to high school at Colorado City. She was not going to go to Junior/Senior Prom. There was a teacher/sponsor that was determined to have 100% participation and Doris was the only one not going. He found someone that had a prom dress for Doris to wear and drove out to the farm and explain everything. Doris did not have shoes to wear with the dress so two hens were sold and a pair of white sandles were purchased. Her dad drove her to the prom and waited in the car until it was over. Doris explains that it was a very uncomfortable situation… but she did go to prom.

J L Byars 09/02/1916 – 03/23/2008
Doris Grant Byars 08/05/1922 – 10/04/2010
Married 10/25/1941

Original video recorded in Ballinger Texas in November 2006.